New Year, New You: Pushups to strengthen arms and chest

(WWBT) - We're on your side helping you maintain your fitness goals in 2018. Fitness trainer and bodybuilder Dorrie Smith is sharing tips with us all month long.

Today, get your arms and chest ready because it is time for pushups.

"Most people think that this exercise is for arms," said Smith. "While it's true that you will work your arms in this exercise, it's mostly an exercise for chest."

There are several pushup variations.

"I have Ron here just demonstrating. What he's doing is he is going down and he's pressing up firmly through the hands, squeezing the chest as he comes up, and also making sure he exhales, breathing out at the top," said Smith. "Kimmie is doing a modified version of the exercise. She's actually on her knees, just taking a little more of the body weight off of the exercise.  And once again, she's pressing down and pressing up and exhaling at the top  and having some baby/mommy fun time as well."

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The wall pushup is ideal for those who have hypertension.

"This variation is really good for anyone who has hypertension, because they don't want to keep their bodies in an isometric hold contracted position for too long, as it will elevate their blood pressure. So, this is a good way to start off with the wall push up, if you want to get used to doing the pushup exercise or if you have hypertension."

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