VDOT works to clear secondary roads, neighborhoods

VDOT works to clear secondary roads, neighborhoods

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Virginia Department of Transportation crews say they're doing all they can to make the roads safer after Wednesday's snowstorm.

Despite the fact that many side roads are still covered in snow and ice, officials say all of the roads should now be passable.

"We have all the interstates and primary routes clear at this point, and now we've shifted all of our focus to secondary routes and subdivision streets," said Lindsay LeGrand with VDOT.

But there is still a catch.

"Typically, our goal is to have all roads passable within 48 hours of the storms end, and we've touched just about every road at this point. Now it's just a matter of clearing them off and because there are very frigid cold temperatures, we are battling persistent ice pack on some of the back roads," said LeGrand.

Some residents in Chester say the ice is not melting nearly as fast as some would like.

"I really don't know how bad their roads are in their part of the county, but around here... I mean, every winter, it gets cold. You just have to plan a little bit ahead," said Philip White, a Chester homeowner.

Patience is now paying off for residents in the River's Bend neighborhood.

"I think they've been pretty good, at least in my neighborhood," said Carter Mayes, a Chester resident. "I have noticed in some of the more back neighborhoods... I mean, I live in Rive's Bend. It's kind of a major neighborhood. It's a big neighborhood. But some of the smaller ones, the roads have still been kind of icy, not very well salted."

That's why VDOT is bringing out specialized machines to get in and out of neighborhoods you still may have trouble driving through.

"We're just putting down salt and sand and plowing where possible and then bringing in the smaller equipment to help address some of those more narrow side streets," said LeGrand.

Even while roads at this point are technically passable, VDOT says you should exercise caution during this cold snap as they work to make them totally clear.

"If you do plan to head out, make sure you are slowing down and give yourself a little extra room between your vehicles and other vehicles around you. Know that when you are making turns, there could be some slick spots in areas so use extra caution," said LeGrand.

So even if you don't see any relief yet in your neighborhood, Mayes says just give it some time.

"At this point, we are just trying to get roads clear as soon as possible and get them completely dry. That's our main goal and focus," said LeGrand.

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