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Woman calls 12 after business takes back broken, brand new washing machine, gives her $22

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Rustin says they owe her $190, but she has only received $22. (Source: NBC12) Rustin says they owe her $190, but she has only received $22. (Source: NBC12)

Major progress in an On Your Side Investigation NBC12 has been working for months: a Mechanicsville woman is celebrating because she says after she called 12, a company finally stepped up to fixed what they did wrong in the first place.

"We have a brand-new washing machine, we paying our bill on time and we still have to go to laundromat,” said Yvette Rustin.

NBC12’s Eric Philips introduced you to Rustin back in November. She and her husband had purchased a washing machine from Conn's Home Plus last July.  Problem is, she says it never worked properly from the time she got it home.

It wouldn't fill with enough water to wash a load or to rinse out the soap. Some of their clothes were ruined.

"And then I started itching in personal places and I was like 'scuse me, I'm itching here, what's going on,” Rustin said. “He said 'I'm itching here too.'"

The couple wanted Conn's to take back the washer. The company didn't - at least not until Rustin got 12 On Your Side involved.

Philips visited the store twice and communicated with the corporate office concerning this matter. It took some weeks, but store workers finally came and picked up the washer.

"We moved them enough with the help of Channel 12 that somebody like me could make them come, when they said they wouldn't come and get that washer, they came and got it," Rustin said.

Not only that, but the company also promised to zero out Rustin's account and refund all the payments she'd made so far, totaling $190.

That's where she ran into another snag. She did get a check from the company in the last couple of weeks, but it was for $22.

"And this $22 check, it's an outrage. It's like a stomp in my face,” Rustin said.

After Rustin hopped on the horn, she says a company rep told her the $22 was just a down payment and the rest is on the way.

"They're not going to compensate me for the clothes, but they promised me the $190, and I want it," Rustin said.

12 On Your Side will let you know when there’s full resolution in this situation.

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