Last-minute shoppers out in full force for weekend before Christmas

Last-minute shoppers out in full force for weekend before Christmas

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you haven't already hit the road for your Christmas trek, maybe you were hitting the stores. Either way, you had plenty of company.

There are only two days left to cross gifts off your shopping list. The Saturday before Christmas, known as "Super Saturday," 53 percent of shoppers say they'll be out buying gifts, according to the National Retail Federation's latest survey.

Experts say retail sales doubled expectations this holiday season, with online shopping up more than ten percent, according to the Commerce Department.

Chop Suey Books in Carytown has been buzzing all Friday long, with the line for the register stretching to the back of the store.

"We're open Christmas Eve until 4 o'clock, if not 5," said owner Ward Tefft. "Our fuel tanks are empty, but our hearts are full of Christmas cheer!"

Last-minute shoppers may also get lucky with last-minute deals, especially 'in store' promotions aimed at drawing people to the counter.

If you're really behind, eGift cards are gaining traction, with the gift card sent via email.

"It's less fun, less fun. But I'd consider it if it came down to that last minute," said Carytown shopper Alex Elder.

In fact, Target just unveiled "GiftNow," where you can buy a gift on and send the recipient a confirmation email. The person can accept the present you picked out for them, by giving their shipping address. Or, they can buy something else entirely.

Still, 126 million people are still planning to go the traditional route this weekend - right to the register.

"I like having something to wrap to give to someone. I think that that's really the way to go," said Ray Moore, another shopper.

Of course, the mad rush doesn't end on Christmas. Long lines for returns and exchanges start the very next day, Tuesday.

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