RVA Parenting: Beware of scams as you rush to buy hot toys

RVA Parenting: Beware of scams as you rush to buy hot toys

(WWBT) - Parents and grandparents, if you waited until the last minute and you're still trying to snag one of this year's holiday toys, be careful. Officials say that's exactly when the scammers could strike.

One of the hottest toys this year is fingerlings, but finding one at a normal price this time of year- can be tough!

"The problem today is," said Barry Moore with the BBB. "They are almost nowhere to be found, and that causes problems."

What kinds of problems?

Well for one, Moore says scammers, who know parents are desperate and willing to pay.

"They'll set up an online buying service," said Moore. "You'll go to a website and believe it's 100 percent everything's above board. 'Look at this! I've got a great deal on these Fingerlings. So, I place an order and wonder why they never show up.' So I find out…it was a scam."

Moore says you might see the adds on social media or popping up on the internet while you're surfing the web.

In some cases, the ad can send malware to your friends, too.

So how do you track the scams?

Here's one easy step you can take.

"It is so hard to find out and to understand what's a scam and what isn't. Kind of the general rule of thumb though," said Moore. "If you can, go write to a company like a Walmart or an Amazon or a Target or a Toys R Us."

Using the reputable company website can offer some protection. Of course, use this guide. If it's too good to be true. it probably is.

If you do get scammed, please report it to the police and the Better Business Bureau. That call may protect others.

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