'Praise the Lord,' woman says after getting new teeth

'Praise the Lord,' woman says after getting new teeth
Patricia Smith (Source: NBC12)

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Farnham woman is now smiling after she called NBC12 about denture problems and got results.

"God is still working. Praise the Lord," Patricia Smith said.

She is so thankful for something that many of us might take for gr anted - teeth.

"It's so hard when you're used to having teeth and then they're gone," said Smith. "I mean you miss them so much."

Last year, Smith went to Affordable Dentures and Implants on Concord Avenue in Richmond. She was in need of dentures for her top teeth, but after spending $700 on the dentures and another $100 trying to get them realigned, they still didn't fit correctly.

She couldn't even wear them, and then she says  she got some disappointing news from a staffer.

"She said there's nothing we can do and I said 'why what are you talking about why not,'" Smith said.

Frustrated, Smith called 12 On Your Side and the situation started to turn around. After our first story aired, officials with Affordable Dentures told NBC12's Eric Philips it was Patricia who was not willing to continue on in the process. Still, they reimbursed her everything she spent, upwards of $800.

"I was shocked and was so happy because, well, I deserved it," Smith said.

Then came another shocker - Midlothian Dental Center reached out to me offer to provide dentures for Smith, free of charge.

"That was a miracle, literally a miracle," Smith said.

"I just felt bad for her that she didn't get a good result and her quality of life would be compromised as a result of it and we wanted it to be good," said Dr. Harlan Schufeldt, who provided the new dentures.

"I loved them; they were like family to me," Smith said.

Now, she can't stop smiling.

"A lot, a whole lot."

She's grateful for this holiday gift that is right on time.

"God bless all of you; I appreciate all of you," Smith said.

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