Study: 'Work family' leads to more successful work

Study: 'Work family' leads to more successful work

. - We're often told that special life moments like weddings and holidays are reserved for "real family" only, but with all of us spending so much time at work, our colleagues are often much more than that - they are our friends and an extension of our family.

According to a new HP workplace survey, the No. 1 reason for workplace satisfaction has nothing to do with money, it's all about the people we work, and 83 percent of U.S. workers confess they feel happier at work and more successful at work (69 percent) because of their "work family."

Other key findings:

  • True Confessions: 55 percent of U.S. workers say their work family knows things about them that their real family doesn’t
  • Heart-to-Hearts: Work spouses provide a key sounding board, with 86 percent of respondents reporting they can “vent” to them
  • Coffee Break Chat: 80 percent share office gossip with their "work spouse"
  • Work Besties are a Real Thing: 74 percent say their work spouse is one of their best friends

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