Governor McAuliffe outraged about Charlottesville rally

Governor McAuliffe outraged about Charlottesville rally

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (WWBT) - Governor Terry McAuliffe is reacting to the state safety report on the deadly Charlottesville rally, and he is not mincing words.

He said it was poor planning, poor communication, and no one knowing who was in charge.

Those were just some of the findings in the state's final report that blasted city leadership and local police.

Governor McAuliffe commissioned this report and says he's not happy the city of Charlottesville did not take his advice the first time, and he wants to make sure this never happens again.

"I'm still outraged that was put in Emancipation Park in the middle of downtown Charlottesville. I had called and told the mayor way in advance you need to get this out of downtown," said Governor McAuliffe. "Now, this clown wants to come back again and do it again. Well, we ought to start thinking, the locality, the city of Charlottesville - get it up into McIntire Park and keep the sides separated."

The report recommended sweeping changes to how permits for protests are granted, including limiting how many people can show up and allowing localities to ban weapons.

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