STAY SAFE: Hundreds injured daily during holiday decorating

STAY SAFE: Hundreds injured daily during holiday decorating

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Holiday decorations send 240 people to emergency rooms daily from November to December.

Henrico Fire Captain Taylor Goodman says falling and fires are some of the more common reasons people end up in the hospital after trying to decorate.

"Only use three quarters of the ladder. They're not intended for you to use the top part," Goodman said.

The same goes with holiday lights. Goodman says you should just hang them on your gutter.

The major damage comes from fires. They cause millions of dollars worth of damage each year, and it's the live trees causing many of those incidents - they are drying out and kindling quickly.

"Live trees can catch fire very, very quickly, in a matter of 30 to 60 seconds," Goodman says.

Live trees should be watered daily and kept at least three feet from a fire source, like a fireplace or candles.

Goodman also suggests taking time to check your smoke detectors by vacuuming them once a month and replacing the batteries every six months.

He also says your chances of escaping a fire more than double, so long as you have a working detector. With so many baked goods in the oven around this time of year, it doesn't hurt to check those devices twice.

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