Help teens just out of foster care celebrate Christmas

Help teens just out of foster care celebrate Christmas

(WWBT) - The Children's Home Society of Virginia is helping teens who have just aged out of the foster care system, kids who never found a family and would otherwise be on their own.

"Many of them haven't had very good Christmases throughout their lives because they haven't really had families," said Bruin Richardson, with the Children's home society of Virginia. "They were in foster care. They went through the foster care system, and then they aged out. So we want to make sure that their Christmas this year is particularly special."

The Home Society is collecting small gifts and gift cards to try to make their Christmas bright as well.

Some of them have never had the chance to make a Christmas wish list.

"The response from a number of them was, 'I don't know. Nobody's ever asked me that question,' " said Richardson. "And so we want to make sure that they feel loved and that they feel a part of the community and this can really help them do that."

The teens are asking for a wide variety of gifts, from gift cards to soccer balls and even a sewing machine.

"Teenagers like to go pick out their own stuff, and they like to be able to take that gift card- and they still really appreciate the thought behind it- but go pick out the stuff that works for them. That fits. That fits their style. So, the gift card is a really great way to participate."

If you can help out these teens, go to to see the wish list. If you don't have time to shop, you can donate money online, so someone else can do the work.

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