Ways to build savings during the holidays

Ways to build savings during the holidays
Residents can chime in on Henrico's $1.3 billion plan. (Source: File photo)

(WWBT) - We worry so much about paying our bills that often we tend not to plan or save enough money during the holidays.

Saving money can be hard when we're hit with unexpected expenses and have nowhere to turn.

If you are living paycheck to paycheck and you know you need to start saving more, the answer could be as close as your smartphone.

One clever savings app is Digit, which links to your bank accounts and watches your money flow to get a feel for your saving and spending patterns. Then, it starts moving little chunks of money out of checking into a savings account. You get to tell Digit how aggressive you want it to be.

Raycom Media's Investigative Team tested Digit and racked up more than $1,500 in savings in less than a year.  That's a good way to build an emergency fund or help pay for a vacation.

Another app to use is Tip Yourself, which lets you transfer money from your checking to a secure online "tip jar. You decide what's worth a tip, whether it's hitting a work goal, an exercise goal, or something else.

Tip Yourself even comes with an online community to cheer you on.

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