7-year-old says classmate threatened to rape him

7-year-old says classmate threatened to rape him

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) - A heartbreaking account from a 7-year-old Petersburg boy who is frightened to return to school after he claims a classmate threatened to sexually assault him.

D.J. Lucas' parents say that's the latest in a series of bullying episodes at Walnut Hill Elementary.

"I don't really think you had to go through this when you were little," the 1st grade student said.

In a way, D.J. Lucas feels helpless.

"Like nobody cares about me at my school," he said.

His parents say he's being bullied constantly at Walnut Hill Elementary in Petersburg.

"All I know is they keep saying I stink. That's all I know," he added.

"He don't go looking for trouble. He don't bother nobody…I guess because he don't act or interact like everybody else. That's why he get picked on," his father Dometrius Lucas said.

The most recent episode happened last week on a school bus.

"He's walking home. He's sad," his father recalls.

He wanted to know what was wrong. That's when the 7-year-old opened up.

"Some boy on the bus said he was going to rape me," the student said.

As he was walking to inform the bus driver, it got worse.

"Everybody started kicking me on the bus," he explained.

"Don't say nothing like that to my son. That's like saying that to me personally. I don't take kindly to that," Lucas said.

His father is furious, because he says he's reached out to the school in the past.

"When I called, I was told she was going to call back. She never called back," he said.

"Violations of the standards of student conduct are not acceptable, and Petersburg City Public Schools takes every report seriously. Schools work directly with students and parents to resolve each situation. This investigation is continuing, and the school will update parents of the students involved," school Spokeswoman Leigh Ann McKelway said in a statement.

"Crack down on these kids. They have a no bullying toleration supposedly, but they don't act on it. They need to get more involved instead of pushing it to the side and finding other excuses of why it's happening," Lucas said.

Even the 7-year-old questions if it will ever end.

"I want them to stop all that happening, but that never happens. All the principal do is talk, talk, talk. They la, la, la. Nothing happens," the boy added.

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