Midlothian neighborhood frustrated with unreliable mail delivery

Midlothian neighborhood frustrated with unreliable mail delivery

MIDLOTHIAN, VA (WWBT) - For years, neighbors in the Deer Run area of Midlothian say they have been dealing with mail mix-ups and frustrating encounters with the United States Postal Service.

"We have gone up to the post office, we have written letters," explained Heather Wrenn, who lives on Spring Run Lane. "I should be able to trust this box and the person who comes up to the box."

Wrenn, who is disabled, relies on confidential and important information to come to her mailbox. She has just gotten increasingly fed up when paperwork, even packages, never make it to her mailbox or front door.

"A week ago, I got another lady's bank statement," she said. "I was afraid someone would get my bank statement, so I started doing everything online."

Wrenn isn't alone in her frustration. A neighborhood chat created on Facebook reveals countless stories of neighbors whose mail is not delivered or ends up in the wrong place.

"We have someone on the page who will spend her evening redelivering the mail," explained Jenny Lane.

Lane is a business owner who started the neighborhood group with her fiance. She says many conversations are centered around helping each other get mail to the correct homes.

"I run a business and often don't get what I need. It's impossible to get anyone on the phone," she said.

Lane also works with the PTA at her children's school, and she recently ordered trophies for an awards ceremony. She says the package was lost twice, and when she went to the Genito Post Office for answers, she was told the package was just lost. She feels their constant efforts for answers go unheard.

"We should be able to rely on the fact that what comes to our box is ours, and it is the things we need, and we don't have to worry about confidential stuff going to different places," said Lane.

Both Lane and Wrenn say their issue is not necessarily with the individuals carriers, but they say they are flustered by the lack of response and run around they get from post office managers.

"What are we supposed to do, as residents, if we can't get resolution if we follow the chain of command," she said.

Lane and Wrenn are among several neighbors who reached out to NBC12 with stories of missing packages, mail, and mail delivered to the wrong home. Neighbors who have lived in the area for decades say the mail mix-ups happen on a daily basis.

"$789 sound bar that says it was delivered Nov. 30, I am still looking for it," said Wrenn.

One couple says their mail has gotten delivered to a local church. They say a credit card statement was among the mail taken to the wrong place.

"I actually went to the Genito Post Office and complained but only got the run around. He provided terrible customer service. He said it was because the regular post man was out, and a temporary was delivering to our address," explained one neighbor in an e-mail to NBC12.

Wrenn says packages have arrived up to three weeks late. Lane said some have never made it to where they should.

"We had multiple boxes, just disappear," said Lane.

The U.S. Postal says they are looking into the issues and responded to the complaints with this statement:

The Postal Service is committed to making safe, timely and accurate deliveries. We are prepared to deliver the more than 15 billion pieces of mail expected nationwide during the holiday season, our busiest time of the year. As we do every year, we recently have hired seasonal workers and we are flexing our network — early morning, evening and Sundays as warranted to ensure timely deliveries.

Some neighbors have actually chosen to pay for P.O. boxes to ensure more reliable delivery, but one neighbor says it is costly and inconvenient.

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