Raising safe and respectful kids in light of sexual harassment allegations

(WWBT) - On Wednesday, news broke that Matt Lauer was fired from the "Today Show."

Lauer released a statement on Thursday saying, "I am sorry... there is enough truth in these stories to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed."

His story of sexual harassment allegations put him in a long line of other men facing criticism for similar accusations.

So as your kids are exposed to these stories, what do you need to know? How do you raise kids that are respectful of others?

We checked in with a professional with the YWCA about how to talk about these stories with your kids.

Ryan Morris is director of Advocacy and Outreach with YWCA Richmond. She says to start with a question, be honest, and make sure your body language is open.

"This is a really important signal to show that you're listening," said Morris.

Also, listen. Morris suggests to make eye contact.

When you're ready, make sure your kids know how to report a problem if they should ever find themselves to be victims.

"Explain to them the difference between reporting and telling on someone," said Morris.

Telling is to try to get someone in trouble, differentiated Morris.

"Reporting is telling to make sure somebody doesn't get hurt anymore."

If you want to raise respectful kids, she suggests leading by example.

"I think parents can really focus on talking to kids about what's normal and what they should expect in terms of relationships from older kids and other adults," said Morris.

YWCA Richmond encourages that if you or a loved one has experienced domestic or intimate partner violence or sexual assault, in any form, YWCA Richmond encourages you to call the greater Richmond Regional Hotline at 804-612-6126.

You can also go to YWCA's website or click here for another resource.

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