Father and son try for year to correct mail mixup, still getting wrong mail

Father and son try for year to correct mail mixup, still getting wrong mail

MOSELEY, VA (WWBT) - An elderly disabled man is at the end of his rope and tired of not getting his mail. He turned to 12 On Your Side for help.

Part of the problem is the fact that father and son have similar names. William W. Brooks says his son, William Keith Brooks, moved out of his parents' home in Moseley, Va. and into his own home about year ago.

Ever since then, the father's mail has been going to the son's home in Mechanicsville.

We can't tell you how many times the Brooks have tried to correct the mis-delivered mail mystery, but we do know both father and son have tried.

William W. has even waited near his mailbox for mail carriers to ask them what's wrong and how to fix it.

"They would write something down and say, 'I'll get somebody to get in touch with you.' Nobody ever got in touch with me," said William W. Brooks.

William W. and his son William Keith Brooks say they've talked to top executives with the United States Postal Service without seeing any results.

"It's all messed up. He has to bring mail over here now to us. First it's addressed to me, but they put this sticker on it at the post office to send it to him," said William W. Brooks.

The elderly man's son drives about 40 minutes every few days, re-delivering mail to the elder Brooks that was mis-delivered to Mechanicsville.

"They should be doing better than they're doing for people that's paying all that money to mail a letter, then he's got to burn his gas to bring my mail to me," said William W. Brooks.

William W. says he asked USPS about zip codes, because both are very different, so why not rely on the codes. He says he was told in this instance, zip codes don't matter - they use the first four letters of the first name and the first four letters of the last name to determine where to deliver it.

Well, that formula obviously doesn't work here, because "WILL BROO" is what you get for both men.

"I came out of the post office so confused, that I didn't know what in the world, because what do they use the zip code for anyhow? Our zip code is so much different than his, and he lives way down in Mechanicsville," said William W. Brooks.

The U.S. Postal Service says they are on it, although we can't say why the son is getting his father's mail. It shouldn't matter that their names are similar.

Our contact with USPS says she received our inquiry and she's researching it now. When we hear back from the U.S. Postal Service, we will let you know what we find out about correcting the mis-delivered mail complaint.

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