Generous viewers help man get his smile back

Generous viewers help man get his smile back

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Ted Mills' honesty and straightforwardness touched the hearts of many who watched the story of his dilemma - having what he calls an ugly mouth and not enough financial resources to do anything about it himself.

Many viewers called 12, wanting to help Mills get a set of dentures so he can get his confidence and smile back. We want to let you know that Mills is now getting the dental work he needs, after the executive director of the Virginia Dental Association saw our report.

"Sometimes when I'm eating, because my teeth are not there I jut bite my gets in those spaces and I just bite my tongue," said Mills. "I don't want to keep biting my tongue and have some more medical problems. Because I already have like sciatica. I have arthritis in my spine. Sometimes it's real painful. That's enough problems right there. I don't want to have more medical problems you know."

We called Mills to tell him the wonderful news from the Virginia Dental Association - a nonprofit organization of dentists who are committed to sharing their skills, expertise and knowledge with low income residents by giving back to the community. Mills is appreciative and repeatedly thanked the VDA.

"It would mean everything. Like a miracle you know. Because I've been going on like this for a long time," said Mills.

The Virginia Dental Association will schedule an appointment date with Mills for his initial consultation. The entire process will take several weeks, but we will show you the final results when Mills gets his dentures.

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