Going 'cheap' could cost you more in the long run

Going 'cheap' could cost you more in the long run

(WWBT) - There's a big difference between something that's a bargain and something that's just "cheap." The latter can get you into real trouble.

Let's start with your mattress.

A cheap one won't provide you with a good night's sleep, which could set you up for a host of medical issues, and affect things like work performance.

You spend one-third of your life sleeping, so make sure you have a quality mattress.

The same goes for shoes. Cheap ones may not give you the right foot support, which could set you up for painful and lasting damage to your feet and back.

Spare yourself the future doctor's visits by investing in good shoes.

And while it's good to shop around for contractors, plumbers and electricians, don't make the price the most important criteria. Someone with good reviews who costs a little more could be more cost-effective than having to get shoddy work fixed.

Taking a chance on cheap take-out won't do too much damage to your budget, but if you're buying something you'll live with for months or years spending on quality is a smart idea.

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