Super savers reveal their top tips

Super savers reveal their top tips
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(WWBT) - If you want to be a super saver like our Diva of Discounts, it's not one thing you have do, but dozens.

She sought the advice of some of Central Virginia's most frugal experts to show you what you could be doing to keep your hard earned money.

Super Saver Anjie Kay

I never, ever, ever pay full price. I will wait until there's a sale or a coupon or a deal or a second hand item. Surveys, mystery shopping, class action suits. I check all the different websites.

I do trades, I do a lot of bartering. I might get a Paypal payment from Mr. Rebates or Ebates or mystery shopping, so I've paid for a meal, I've gotten a discount, points on my credit card for free. I've gotten reimbursed, sometimes extra.

And I know that sounds kind of weird, that you have to have a reward for everything you do, but it's not weird when that's the way you live.

Tiffany Cutts, of

If I can get it for cheap or free I'm happy. Using coupons, whether it's at the grocery store, at a retail store.

Even saving with gas, like at Kroger, you do the surveys, you get 50 points for surveys that are on your receipt. I get my prescription filled there, so I earn 50 fuel points every time. I buy all my gift cards there because you earn fuel points.

Sam's Club and BJ's, there's always a good groupon deal for that. Mainly I've been shopping at Aldi. I find a lot of stuff is cheaper there.

I also do it at Target. You can use a manufacturer coupon, they have their own coupons as well and the cartwheel app. Match it up with a sale you can get things pretty cheap.

It's not hard it just takes practice.

Super Saver Kimberly Roberts

I want to be able to save as much money as I can so I can afford the things that I want.

Cell phone bills, a prepay instead of a post pay, you don't pay taxes, $15 to $20 a month.

Affiliation discounts, most people are embarrassed to ask. If you're a teacher, first responder, if you're a student, military, there are so many, senior citizens.

Apps, I use Ibotta, I use Saving Star, I use Upside for gas.

Plan your purchases. I will buy most of my health and beauty in January that I'll need for six months because most of the time you can get it free.

I love digital coupons now. Mail in rebates, don't be afraid of them.

Just be conscious of how you're money is being spent, be a better steward of your money.

These super savers also enter sweepstakes and sign up for store emails that offer high value coupons. They also call their providers to ask for discounts and know what every item costs so they never overpay.

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