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RESTAURANT REPORT: Roach on a wall, food containers on the floor

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There were high numbers of violations on some restaurants' health inspections recently, ranging from a roach on a wall in one restaurant, to food containers on the floor in another. 

Phoenix Garden Vegetarian Restaurant at 7103 Brook Road in eastern Henrico usually earns good scores on health inspections, but this time it had three priority violations, five priority foundation and 11 core violations.  

The inspector noted that a bowl of noodles was under a towel dispenser and a bowl of onions being cut was on the floor. Five containers of pho noodles were on the floor and hadn't been cooled fast enough, and cooked rice noodles were sitting in the temperature danger zone.  

The manager declined to be interviewed on camera, but told us they have corrected every problem and explained the restaurant is under renovation.  

On the follow-up inspection two weeks later, the inspector wrote that a lot of work had been done and everything was corrected. Cooked noodles were again sitting in the danger zone, which was then corrected. 

Little Tokyo in the food court of Regency Square Mall in Henrico had four priority violations, three priority foundation, and eight core violations.  

The inspector noted a live roach on a wall in the prep area and an employee handled his phone then prepared food. Another employee cut raw meat with a meat cleaver, then only rinsed it and put it on the knife rack without washing or sanitizing it.  

One violation was corrected during the inspection. We called a few times to ask about the others, but the phone has been unanswered.  

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