Driving school teaches teens how to deal with scary situations

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - If you're trying to convince your teenage driver just how dangerous driving can be, but haven't found the words that hit home, maybe there's an experience that will.

There's a street survival course this weekend in Richmond that puts teens behind the wheel in tricky situations.

The TireRack.com Street Survival course is not a typical drivers education course. It's meant to put your teens in scary, but realistic, situations on the road, with a coach alongside them in the vehicle.

"In the morning, there's a lot of eye rolling from the kids and they don't want to be there and their parents made them go, and they just think they're great drivers," said Steven Rivera, with the Street Survival event.

The course will be at Richmond Raceway with a soaped-down track.

The teen drivers will hit the road and be put in situations where they can lose control.

"The driving schools don't prepare you for these types of situations because they don't have a safe place to do this," said Rivera.

The coaches work things such as on skid control, lane changes, breaking, and tailgating.

"If students can feel confident in cars in adverse and challenging situations, they can be safer drivers and really just protect everybody on the roads," said Peter Larsen, president of Blue Ridge Chapter of BMW Car Club.

There's a classroom portion, too, to hone some of the skills. It's a $75 class, and a full day.

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