Grilled cheese sandwich kills 3-year-old boy

Grilled cheese sandwich kills 3-year-old boy

NEW YORK, NY (WWBT) - A heartbroken mother wants closure and answers.

She says her three-year-old boy died after he was given a grilled cheese sandwich at preschool, despite the fact that the school knew her son had a severe dairy allergy.

Little Elijah went into shock in his New York City pre-K class after eating the sandwich.  His mother was called, and she rushed to him to the hospital, but it was too late.

Now, she's wondering why the school did not call an ambulance first, but most of all, why her child was given a sandwich that killed him.

The boy's family has raised more than $18,000 online for an independent autopsy.

For now, the school is closed, while the health department investigates.

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