Home builder promises to fix drainage issue after owner calls 12

Home builder promises to fix drainage issue after owner calls 12

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A homeowner is hoping that a drainage problem will be fixed at his new home after calling NBC12.

"We purchased a brand-new house, and the reason we purchased a brand-new house is because we wanted something where we wouldn't have to worry about fixing any kind of issues," said homeowner Jamie Carter.

Carter and his wife closed on a brand-new house from Ryan Homes in Eastern Henrico back in June and immediately noticed a drainage problem in their front yard. They were sure the builder would take care of it.

"You have 30 days to write up everything that's wrong, and they come back and notify and fix it," Carter said.

They say Ryan Homes did, in fact, send workers to the home several times to try and fix the issue.

Carter says the crew first regraded the yard, but that didn't really help. Then they came back and dug up part of the yard. That solved part of the problem - the part that was causing an unsightly, moldy-looking stain.

The very front of the yard remains drenched.

"Being that I just spent $325,000, I don't think it's a minor issue," Carter said. "Not to mention when the winter time comes, that water is going to freeze, and it's got to go somewhere, and it's gonna cause the driveway to break up even more than it's started doing now."

The homeowners say crews came out again and checked to see if it was an irrigation issue - it wasn't.

When a crew dug up a corner of the yard, this is what they saw.

"It was just water gushing up from the under the driveway," Carter said. "He was like, 'it's pretty much natural' and there's nothing they can do."

Dissatisfied with that answer, the couple called the Ryan Homes corporate office. They say two senior-level project managers came out and promised to fix the problem.

Three weeks passed. When the couple called for a status report, they say the corporate office made an about face, saying they couldn't fix it.

"It's a brand-new house, so you all built it from scratch," said Carter.

So they called 12 On Your Side. I reached out to Ryan Homes, who refused to answer any of my questions, saying the company has a policy against making official statements to media outlets.

A day later, I heard from the homeowner, who sent me this message: "Hello, Ryan Homes contacted us and have agreed to fix the draining water and repair damages caused by the water to the driveway. Thank you for everything."

"It was like, kinda like pulling teeth," Carter said.

NBC12 will continue to follow this one to see if the work is actually completed.

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