Some retailers are offering 'Black Friday' deals right now

Some retailers are offering 'Black Friday' deals right now

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Black Friday is dead. Well, not really dead, but the sales actually started this week!

The day after Halloween, I was shocked to see the sales fliers from my newspaper touting "Black Friday Prices Now." It's not just one store - a quick trip around the mall proved that many retailers have jumped on this bandwagon.

Kyle James of noticed this trend too.

"That Christmas creep really seems to be growing," said James. "I don't remember stuff last year this early in November."

Kohl's kicked off the season with a one-day sale on Wednesday, offering Black Friday deals plus a 20 percent off coupon and $15 Kohl's cash for every $50 spent. Now there are early bird deals this Saturday to go with their in-ad coupon and Kohl's cash. We usually don't see early bird specials until Black Friday.

"Retailers are totally picking up on the fact that, let's not just make this a one-day shopping event or a two-or-three-day shopping event. Let's extend this Black Friday season out for the entire month of November if we can," said James.

The sign on the door at Kirkland indicates their Black Friday deals are in store now. Target announced it would scale back the creep this year, but their Cartwheel app is already offering daily deals like half off this electric scooter.

"Retailers are trying to find that happy medium between not offending their shoppers too much but still trying to take advantage of these pre-Christmas shoppers," said James.

Amazon has disrupted the shopping world. They started their "Countdown to Black Friday" this week, slashing prices on thousands of items. Kyle says other retailers had to start their deals now to keep up. JCPenney's ad is covered with gifts for 50 percent off. Kyle says these prices may seem tempting, but he warns us to be wary of the deals being offered now.

"Take a look at the ads, see if there's stuff there, but know that this is not the single best time to shop. Deals often tend to get better as we get a little bit closer to Christmas," said James.

Kyle says a 30 to 35 percent discount is his benchmark for what constitutes a good Black Friday deal. If you don't get the newspaper, you may want to grab one on Sunday and Wednesday. That's typically when they have coupons that will save you the most money.

Click here to see some of the Black Friday ads for this season:

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