RVA Parenting: An app for co-parenting

(WWBT) - Just getting through the everyday challenges of parenting can be tiresome. Add in a contentious breakup or divorce, and things get trickier.  But a new app hopes to give co-parenting parents new hope.

The app is called Fayr. You can download it for free in the app store, and you can use it alone or with another parent.

Adrienne Moore is one of the parents using it to manage sharing the responsibility of raising a child.

"What I'm finding beneficial is I can document certain events that happen that might be able to benefit me or help benefit my child in the future," said Moore.

The app creators promise the app will " help you communicate constructively, eliminate burdensome legal fees and documentation, and free up your time and resources" so that parents can spend more time on their kids.

We asked Adrienne to show us how it all works.

The app has a way to document interactions and expenses.

"This is where I asked him if he made the deposit because he's due at a certain time every month," said Moore.

You can document text message exchanges, conversations, and anything else that might be useful.

There's a calendar to coordinate drop-offs or obligations.

"This is when child support is due, for example," said Moore.

You can also track expenses in the app.

"Everything on here is simply for her school lunches that I pack for her," said Moore.

For Adrienne, it has been a good reminder to document these things and a useful tool for staying organized.  She uses it for things she might not have otherwise done quite so well or as often.

"Should you have to go to the courts, you can upload it and turn it into a PDF form that you can send to your lawyer, which they can just use that. It's a court adjustable document that they can use in the court system," said Moore.

Gwenyth Paltrow helped launch the app.

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