Charging phone each night could reduce battery's capacity

Charging phone each night could reduce battery's capacity

(WWBT) - When we go to bed at night, many of us leave our phone on the charger. When we do, though, it's shortening the battery life.

Smart phones use lithium ion batteries, which charge faster than other batteries. They are also smaller, which means they don't have as much capacity.

Checking emails, sending texts, watching videos and using apps all deplete the battery. When you plug your phone in before bed every night, that means it's charging three to four months out of every year. Constant charging robs the battery out of capacity over time, meaning it won't hold a charge as well.

That won't matter if you buy a new phone every year, but hang onto it for longer and you'll notice it. Experts say wait until the battery drops to 35 or 40 percent and then charge it.

If you really want to extend the battery's life, charge with the case off so it doesn't over heat.

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