How to save money on allergy medicines

How to save money on allergy medicines

Reports consistently show that the Richmond area is among the worst for places in the country for allergies. Nearly one-third of adults and 40 percent of children deal with seasonal allergies.

Whether it's trees, pollen, grass, or something else, dealing with those symptoms isn't cheap.

When your allergies fire up, you may stock up on over-the-counter antihistamines, nasal  spray or eye drops.,but those things can be pricey and may not be right for you.

The better long-term plan is to visit an allergist to pinpoint just what you're allergic to.

The doctor may also be able to prescribe medicines that work better. If money is tight, don't be afraid to mention that.

Research shows that at least half the time finances come up in the doctor's office, the doctor is able to reduce the patient's out-of-pocket costs.

For example, many offices have free samples they can give you. If you take allergy medicine regularly, buying generic and buying in bulk can really save you.

Also, look at a price comparison tool like "Good RX," which will help you find the best deals near you.

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