Richmond fixes tall grass problem at vacant home after viewer calls 12

Richmond fixes tall grass problem at vacant home after viewer calls 12

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - More proof that "12 On Your Side" gets results. Tall grass at a vacant house off Jeff Davis Highway has been cut and the property cleaned up, just like the City of Richmond promised. That's good news for Ralph Green, who tried everything he knew to make it happen, but couldn't.

First, we were able to get Green some answers - including an approximate time frame of when the unsightly property would get cut. He had to wait a while, but now he's no longer troubled by what could be crawling around in the tall grass next door.

Green lost count of the number of times he called the City of Richmond trying to get someone to take responsibility. He got what he wanted.

"This is what I'm talking about," said Green. "This is how it should have been at first. You can walk through here, and you don't have to worry about anything running at you, snakes or anything."

Recalling just how tall the grass next door once was, Green describes the problem and says, "The worst part is the rodents running around. Opossums, rats, snakes. You never know...that snake could be laying somewhere ready to bite you."

He made several trips to City Hall about the tall grass and critters without success. Part of the problem at the time was the city inspectors had a month-long backlog of tall grass complaints - more overgrown yards than inspectors to investigate.

Green still wanted something done.

"Look at the stuff growing up on the fence and everything. It doesn't make sense. That's why I say the city needs to come out here. Do something about this," said Green.

With one phone call, Code Enforcement gave NBC 12 a date in the fall for the cleanup and followed through with a crew of five or six men on an unannounced visit. Green was elated.

"I was walking up and saw a truck and heard the lawn mowers going. By the time I got here, all this in the front was done. They were coming from around the back. You could hear the lawnmower coming from around the back."

Code Enforcement hired a private contractor to cut the yards and says the home's owner, Anna Urias, will get the bill. Green says he's appreciative and glad he called 12.

"All day, all day. 12 On Your Side. 12 is On Your Side. They satisfied me," said Green.

If you have a similar problem, hold on to your patience and call the city's weed and grass hotline at 804-646-WEED, or 804-646-9333. If you leave your name and number, a city inspector will contact you and let you know what action they take.

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