Experts suggest putting beauty products in the refrigerator

Experts suggest putting beauty products in the refrigerator

(WWBT) - You keep all sorts of things in your fridge, but do you keep any beauty products in there?

Most people keep beauty products at room temperature, but experts say refrigerating certain things is a smart move.

One good thing to store in the fridge -- eye cream. Not only can chilling it extend its life a bit, but it may also feel better to apply, and help deflate any puffiness in your skin, too.

Keeping lipstick cool, or at least away from heat, will prolong its life, since heat causes some of the natural oils in lipstick to go bad.

Air, heat and light are not doing your perfume any favors. So keeping your favorite scent in the fridge will help it last a lot longer.

Another surprising one is nail polish. Heat changes the consistency of nail polish and can make it tougher to apply. So putting it in the fridge before a manicure can be a big help.

And many natural products do better in the fridge, since they're made without preservatives, which means they may spoil faster.

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