RVA Parenting: Mother's Day is every day

RVA Parenting: Mother's Day is every day

(WWBT) - By Kelly Blumenthal

RVA Parenting Contributor Kelly Blumenthal is a 33-year-old mother of two, originally from Richmond. She's a stay at home mom and her husband works at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Her boys are two and three and enjoy anything with wheels. Kelly also has a 10-year-old golden retriever named Summer, who she says is basically her third child.

This morning, my husband caught some real motherhood footage including laundry on the floor, toys on the steps, one toddler in our bed and mommy sleeping in the youngest's crib. People ask me all the time, 'How do you sleep?' Well, I don't, but I love it.

I fought for five years to be a mom. I gave myself countless shots in the stomach, endured surgeries, painful testing and even the loss of two little girls. I heard the words 'failure' and 'it didn't work, I am sorry' more times than I can want to recall. When I was finally able to become a mom with my first son Mason, I didn't enjoy one moment of the pregnancy in fear I would lose him and then struggled with postpartum depression for a brief time shortly after his birth.

When our second son was on the way, I vowed to enjoy the pregnancy this time no matter what curve balls were thrown our way and that curveball ended up being heart disease including many months in the hospital, multiple heart surgeries and an uncertain future for him. All of a sudden, all of the pain and fight that I went through with infertility was nothing compared to the pain of watching my child struggle to survive and wishing more than anything it was me and not him.

I fought with every ounce that I had in me to become a mom and now, I fight for every additional second to continue to be their Mom. For them to have each other forever, for Finn to have the best surgical options for a greater outlook and a better life. For less medicine, for better medicine, better technology, and more awareness.

Because of these moments you see here, because I don't sleep, I know every smell, every hair, every scar, every story. Every cry, every laughter, every smile and every tear. I know every single moment that they are here on this earth. I archive every memory, every sound and treasure them each day. Because I don't know a life without them and I don't ever want to.

Webster defines a mother as a woman in relation to her child but it is more than that. So, so much more. To be a mother is to put someone else's happiness before your own and to love someone more than you love yourself. That someone will test your limits, put peanut butter in your hair, pee on your floor, yell at you, make you worry about them all the time and give your body aches in places you didn't even know existed from chasing them around all day every day. They will surprise you, teach you things, make you ugly cry in the most beautiful way, hug you like no one else can, need you like no one ever has and love you like you've never felt love before. Being a mother is the most beautiful, messy magic you'll ever experience in your life and you'll easily want to lose sleep over it.

Mother's Day to us moms is every day so Happy Day of Moms to every mother who has been blessed to feel this magic. Whether you had your babies with your tummy or with your heart, whether they are here in your arms or in heaven, whether you're a mother by marriage, adoption, angel, surrogacy and even fur babies. Whether you see your babies every day or have never met them at all because they left too soon. Whether you've been a mom for years or your dream and fight to be one; you're strong, you're amazing, you're brave, you're beautiful - you are a mom, and a GREAT one at that.

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