RVA Parenting: You can now take classroom portion of driver's ed online

(WWBT) - If you've got a teenager ready to hit the road, new rules could make getting that driver's education classroom work done a little bit easier and without all the schedule juggling.

This change is for the 30 hours of classroom time, required for all teen drivers under 18. You can read more about the change here.

Margaret Seay owns Safeway Driving Academy, one of the certified schools permitted to provide the online content and follow up test.

"A lot of the difficulties that we run into is just time. The parents have to have blocks of time to bring their student in in order to do the classroom. That opens up the door for students to take it at their own pace and fit it into their busy schedule.

You can take the class at your own pace, instead of having to drive to and from a class at a specific time.

"It has made drivers ed. a year-round class now, instead of just being designated to certain times of the year, especially," said Seay.

You do have to be at least 15 years and 6 months old to take the online course, and you'll still have a to take a test at a certified site after you finish the course.

"They come back into us," said Seay. "We're an approved DMV testing center, and they come back into us. I monitor them. They take the test with an instructor monitoring them and then they're free to then schedule behind the wheel."

The online course is recommended for kids who are good at working independently, and you do have to be proficient at a computer, which, of course, most teens these days are.

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