Top tips to organize your pantry

Top tips to organize your pantry

(WWBT) - If you have a hard time finding the ingredients you need to cook, or if you find yourself pitching outdated food from your pantry, these hacks could help.

First, get organized. Pull everything out and put it on the counter.

Make note of the things you've never used or didn't finish -- maybe you don't need to buy those foods again.

Another great hack for keeping things neat and tidy is to invest in a few extra sheet pans. Then group similar items like cereals or baked ingredients together on those sheet pans. That will help catch spills or crumbs.

Shoot for having different zones in your pantry for different needs. Put the kids snacks on the shelf at their eye level maybe and stash spices, olive oil and other meal ingredients higher.

Joining staples like dried pasta and rice in air tight, see-through containers is a good idea too. It makes it easier to see when you're running out of something and keeps those things fresher longer.

And one trick for reducing food waste in the pantry and fridge is to follow the "Fi-Fo" rule. That's "first in, first out," meaning you eat the food in the order you put it away rather than stacking new stuff in front.

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