12 On Your Side helps resolve more missing pay complaints

12 On Your Side helps resolve more missing pay complaints

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The On Your Side Investigators resolve two more missing pay complaints.

The money was placed in the ladies' bank accounts Thursday morning. They say they tried since last Friday to get their employer to pay them but couldn't make it happen. In addition, NBC12 also has key information to pass along to you as it relates to employment contracts and the Virginia Department of Labor.

The two young professionals who came to us for help provide care to intellectually-challenged adults at the same group home. They say they should have been paid Friday, Oct. 6. Each says her employer was illegally withholding two weeks' pay - money they believe should have been paid for work they performed.

Deneisha Barlowe says she was missing $750.00.

"I have a life. I have a child. I have bills. My pay should not have been withheld," said Deneisha. "I should have gotten paid on that date. When I completed what they wanted me to complete. I definitely should have gotten paid."

Ashley was expecting about $600.00.

"He's saying that he kept our pay because we didn't finish all our notes. That's considered a shortage. So, it's illegal," said Ashley.

Generally speaking, state labor and wage law says an employee must be paid for all time actually worked, no exceptions. In this case, both women signed employment contracts that state, they agree, that they will not get paid until all shift documentations are completed and in compliance with company standards.

Here's what the Virginia Department of Labor says about that: "It will not investigate complaints when there's a written employment agreement in place. It's a matter for a court judge to decide."

Diane Walker spoke to the ladies' employer at length Wednesday. The owner said the delayed wages were not intended to harm them, but company policy and procedures had to be followed as it relates to critical paperwork. He also said their wages were processed last week and it arrived today.

Still, both are glad they called 12.

Deneisha and Ashley say, "Yes, because I think the process could have been a lot longer. I feel like you all kind of gave him a little scare and gave him a nudge like you need to release these girls' pay, and I think if we didn't call you guys, we would still be waiting on our pay."

The Virginia Department of Labor says it's not enough to know what's in your contract - you must also understand the legality of what you're signing. So, have a lawyer look over it. Meantime, if you cannot get paid what you're owed or you have questions, contact the Labor Department at (804) 786-2606.

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