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RVA Parenting: Children's Home Society of Virginia gets congressional recognition

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There are kids in foster care in Central Virginia without a family who will never get adopted. They will age out of the system.

However, the Children's Home Society is working hard to change that and fill the gaps for the kids who just don't get lucky.

The organization was just awarded a congressional award through the "Angels in Adoption” program.

It's a huge recognition for the group because it gives them chances to lobby for foster kids and the resources they need.

Read more about their recognition here:

The shiny awards are great- but the real reward for those involved in the Children's Home Society of Virginia is here, in RVA.

It's investing in local kids, who aren't used to being invested in.

Every day kids- right here on this website who need loving homes: http://chsva.org/adopt-children/waiting-children/

Infants, children, teens- even kids who have aged out of the system- and are still getting help from the organization.

"These are kids who have been through trauma,” said Bruin Richardson, a Chief Advancement Officer. “They didn't get into foster care for nothing and um, once they've gotten into foster care, usually they've gone from one foster care placement to another to another."

Some of the kids you'll see wait on the list the longest, are older kids.

"Our job is to get those hardest to place kids adopted," said Richardson.

And for those who don't get adopted by 18- CHS has started the Possibilities Project: http://chsva.org/possibilities-project/resources/

The program has created a place for kids who have aged out of the system. A place they can live safely- surrounded by support systems aimed at helping them get jobs and teaching them how to live independently.

Instead of throwing them out on their own- with no net.

If you think you could adopt one of the kids looking for a home, there is a process.

"What we want is for that relationship to come through the parents,” said Richardson. “Because that's how these children who have all been through trauma, can really start to repair their brains and start relationships that really help them thrive going forward."

It's that goal- that keeps the folks working here fighting for better lives for all kids.

November is national adoption month, by the way.

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