Poll finds that people have regrets about college decisions

Poll finds that people have regrets about college decisions

(WWBT) - College can be the highlight of our lives. While you may have great memories of your college days, a new study shows most of us wish we did a few things differently.

A recent Gallup Poll finds that more than half of you regret at least one of your major college decisions. Topping that list is your major.

Thirty-six percent of those polled said they would change what they went to college to learn. Following that decision, many also regret where they went to school and the degree they earned.

Experts say that's likely because many of us made those decisions without complete information, including employment opportunities in that field, your earning potential, or the long-term effect of student debt.

For those who earn less than $40,000 a year or who have more than $75,000 in student loan debt, the level of regret is even higher. If this is you, what can you do? One option is to go back to school. At this point, you may have a much better idea of which degree will get you where you want to go.

Another option is online courses. In some cases, taking just a course or two will give you the skills necessary to land the job you want.

When many of you think of college regrets, you probably think of too many late nights or skipped classes. But if your regrets have a much longer-term impact on your life, take action now to change that.

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