On Your Side: Vacant lot in Chesterfield cleaned up

On Your Side: Vacant lot in Chesterfield cleaned up

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Another On Your Side success story.  A vacant lot at the corner of Midlothian Turnpike and Winterfield, next to the BP gas station is all cleaned up now.

Chesterfield resident David Springborn says it was hideous, and he hated having to look at tall grass and trash every day from his porch. When he couldn't make things happen on his own, Springborn called 12 On Your Side for help.

The cleanup happened in phases and involved a team effort with everyone, even property owner Freedom LLC pitching in to help clear all the lots near Springborn's home.

Chesterfield says its Anti-Litter Program and Community Enhancement Department got involved. Not only was the area made tidy and neat, they have an agreement with property owners to keep it that way. In addition, educational posters will be displayed.

Chesterfield code enforcement says the property owner was contacted about the grass and it was cut a short time later. We first showed you a few weeks ago what was concerning Springborn, such as tall grass, trash, beer cans and bottles. He said vagrants were hiding in the grass and drinking.

Springborn is expressing gratitude today and says he's glad he called 12 for help.

"I mean, it just looks so good. They hadn't cut the grass in about a year," said Springborn. "They did over here but not on this side on the back side. It was all just tall grass, six feet, seven feet tall. It's all done. It looks great thanks to Channel 12. Thank you."

Chesterfield says supplies and educational materials were purchased with anti-litter grant money. If you have a similar problem and you live in Chesterfield, contact the county's Adopt-A-Spot program. You can go to chesterfield.gov for more information.  Residents can receive help and clean up supplies through this program.

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