Moms want more done to improve dangerous intersection

Moms want more done to improve dangerous intersection

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Melinda Aileo is frustrated with drivers speeding every day near her son's bus stop at Old Wrexham Road and Chesterfield Meadows Drive.

"It's really nerve racking," said Aileo.

She's not the only one worried about the flow of traffic at the intersection.

"I'm afraid somebody's going to get killed," said Holly Reed, who along with Beth Harvey, also lives on Chesterfield Meadows.

All three women want VDOT to do more to slow drivers down, after multiple crashes on Old Wrexham Road.

Since NBC12's report last month on the intersection, the women say they've seen some improvements.

"We saw the strips that measure how fast people are going," said Aileo.

Chesterfield police also issued 18 tickets at the intersection in the last month, including seven for speeding.

"They've been nailing people left and right," Reed said.

VDOT also has painted white "stop bars" at the intersection near the school bus stop, and near Reed's house.

"They do catch your eye, and maybe people will realize you do need to stop at those stop signs," said Reed.

However, the moms believe more can be done.

"At this point, we don't really walk on that sidewalk when I have the little kids because I'm not willing to take the risk of a car running off," said Harvey.

They want a four-way stop. They found support from county Supervisor Dorothy Jaeckle, but ultimately it's VDOT's decision.

The department previously said the intersection doesn't meet the requirements based on traffic volume, or number of accidents.

VDOT's requirement is five crashes in 12 months with injuries or damage greater than $1,500.

Police say in the past year there were four crashes from September 2016 to September 2017.

"So does my child have to be killed to be the fifth crash? That's why I wonder sometimes," Aileo said.


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