NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Taking a Knee

NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Taking a Knee

By: Kym Grinnage email

I stand for the national anthem whenever it's played no matter where I am. That is my right, my privilege and my choice.

I would venture to guess that every player in the NFL has stood for more national anthems that most Americans will in their lifetimes. That is the nature and custom of sports in our country.

These star players have stood for the national anthem in elementary school, middle school, high school, college and during every game in their professional careers.

Most of these players volunteer their time and energy in their communities and beyond, visiting with the underserved, sick children, the elderly or wherever they are needed to support a cause that will improve our collective communities.

Did they suddenly become un-patriotic or un-American overnight because they chose to use symbolism to express their point of view about injustice as they see it?

The Patriots in the American Revolutionary War took a knee against the King of England and this country was born.

Slaves and abolitionists took a knee against slavery in the United States and freedom was born.

Countless Americans took a knee against the inequality of women in this country and women's rights were born.

It is everyone's right to agree or disagree with how someone chooses to express their free speech, including the President of the United States.

But no one, including our President, should call his fellow American a "son of a bitch", because the next "SOB" could be you.

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