RVA Parenting: Diaper Drive Awareness Week

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Anyone with a baby in his or her life knows you're going to need a lot of diapers. The cost of all those diapers can add up quickly.

For some families, it's a crippling cost, which is why the governor is stepping up with local organizations to try to help make things a little easier.

Diaper banks all across the state, in conjunction with Diaper Need Awareness Week, will be holding a statewide diaper drive. This is the first step toward establishing a statewide movement to address diaper need.

A press release about the drive reports one in three parents in America struggle to provide diapers for their babies, and 48 percent delay changing a diaper to extend their supply.

Diapers can not be bought with food stamps or WIC vouchers. A month's supply can cost as much as six percent of a full-time minimum-wage worker's salary. Add to that food, utilities and other bills, and the cost is tremendous for those on a very tight budget.

"And on top of that balance, the rent expense, and they have to do clothing, and you can continue on - because we know as moms and dads what you have to do when you run a household of children," said Phyllis Bradley, Executive Director with the Capital Diaper Bank. "That's when they get into the situation when many times, they're free falling and end up many times homeless or without that roof over their child's head, so we're trying to fill that gap so they don't have to."

You can make donations to the Capital Diaper Bank at Capitaldiaperbank.org

They're also encouraging local businesses, schools and churches to set up diaper drives this week.

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