Elusive pig roams Glen Allen neighborhood

Elusive pig roams Glen Allen neighborhood

GLEN ALLEN, VA (WWBT) - Numerous viewers called about a white/pink looking pig wandering around Glen Allen, munching on manicured lawns. The pig was caught in the Twin Hickory neighborhood in a driveway, and in the nearby Alden Parke subdivision crossing the street.

Brooke Ward, 13, stopped to take some cell video of pig when she spotted it last weekend on a lawn.

"It looked like someone's pet," said Ward. "It was sniffing the grass and maybe eating a little... just kind of walking in the lawn."

Landscaper Tracy Roberts, owner of J'Lynn land Creations, said he often sees the white pig and even other pigs, since he's been working in the Alden Parke development.

"The guys will try to chase them, and they'll run away. They cross the road like it's nobody's business. It's kind of funny," said Roberts.

Henrico Animal Protection has received numerous calls about the white pig, which NBC12's Kelly Avellino was as able to track down, in the woods nearby. The pig didn't seem too alarmed but trotted away when she got too close.

Another neighbor, who says she's familiar with pigs, believes it's a neutered, male, pot-bellied pig. The woman asked not to be identified but says she thinks the pig was someone's pet and that it was abandoned. She and her neighbors have been feeding the pig for a week, hoping to catch it. They are in contact with pig rescues, once they are able to get a hold of the pig.

Lt. S.M. Sears with Henrico's Animal Protection urged anyone who comes into contact with the pig "to gently herd the pig into a fenced in area if there is one available. Another option would be to attempt to regularly feed the pig in a designated area to get it accustomed to coming to a specific place."

Sears also suggested using a live dog trap to attempt to capture the pig.

Sears urged residents to not chase the pig.

"It is virtually impossible for anyone to chase and catch a pig that is free roaming," Sears said. "Our officers would be happy to discuss a potential plan of action with anyone in the area that would like to assist."

If anyone has seen any pigs, call Henrico Animal Control at (804) 727-8800.

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