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Neighbors: Shooters pull up in car, open fire on five in Petersburg

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In Petersburg, the investigation into who shot five people continues as police gather new clues about the case. Police believe surveillance video could point them in the right direction. In the meantime, neighbors, and even a councilman are opening up about the crime.

Neighbors describe it as a drive-by shooting where two people opened fire outside of their car, which is a devastating scene with the damage done in just a matter of minutes.

Malcolm Harper, 60, has lived in this community for years.

"When I was their age, you see the police coming, you get out the way. They don't run. They right there,” he said.

He’s stunned to learn someone opened fire on five people at row houses on Harding and Mistletoe streets.

"I got to know some of them guys because it was five of them shot. I know most of the guys. If I don't know them by name, I know them by face,” Harper said.

Police are reviewing surveillance images form a nearby store to figure out who the shooters are.

"A silver Charger came up, pulled out a Glock 4 with an extender clip, started spraying at the house. Bullets went flying in the house. Somebody got shot inside the house," said a witness, who did not want to be identified.

"He was laying on the ground there by the fire hydrant right there,” he said about one of the victims.

The crime happened just feet away from the scene of the quadruple murder a few years back. Just last week, the killer in that case, Alexander Hill, was sentenced to life in prison.

"Here we are once again,” said Councilman Howard Myers.

He’s now reacting to word on the street that the shooting may involve beef with someone from Richmond.

"I'm not sure if it's someone inside the community or outside the community but either way, it's senseless. Beef, keep it on your territory. We don't need it here in Petersburg,” Myers said.

"They wouldn't just shoot five people if they out for one or two," Harper said.

Two of the five victims had to be airlifted to the hospital. One person is fighting for his or her life. The other is in stable condition. Police are talking with the other victims to get a better grasp on what happened.

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