7 people arrested; residents pleased with how rally was handled

7 people arrested; residents pleased with how rally was handled

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Seven people are facing charges after Saturday's rally and march in Richmond.  Four were people wearing masks in public, two people were arrested for weapons charges, and one was arrested for disorderly conduct. No one was injured.

Richmond police officers are standing watch over a barricade Lee Monument, and the people who live in this neighborhood are grateful for the city's work to help keep things safe on Saturday.

"No news is good news in this case," said Oscar Ruiz, who lives in the Fan.

Ruiz says Richmond police did an excellent job preparing for Saturday.  He says he watched them set up for the last couple of days.

"Setting up the barricades, monitoring people coming in and out, the allies were shut off so that the cars couldn't come through the alley, except for the people who live here and needed to get home, so that was well done," said Ruiz.

Ruiz is in the Fan District Association, and he says the neighborhood had good communication with police and the city and the Richmond rallies were a good example of people demonstrating peacefully for the most part.

"I think it was good that they had a good show of force. I think the neighbors here were very appreciative.  Little apprehensive, not sure what was going to happen but appreciate the fact that there was a good bit of representation of law enforcement to keep things quiet," said Ruiz.

The streets are back open now, and the parking restrictions are lifted.

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