Hundreds of people surround Stuart Circle

Hundreds of people surround Stuart Circle

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - After the demonstration at the Lee Monument, a large crowd of counter-protesters gathered by the Stuart Circle and the church.

The protesters hung out for a while. They were barbecuing and then they rallied themselves to start marching.

They headed towards broad, chanting, "Rise up RVA. Who's streets? Our streets!" At one point, they stood face to face with police in full riot gear.

Hundreds of people chanted as they take over the streets surrounding VCU's campus.

"Every nation, every race, punch a Nazi in the face," the group chanted.

Their signs said, "Sanctuary for All," "RIse up RVA," "Unity Defense Against Fascism," and "Black lives matter." The marchers are clearly unified against any kind of Confederate statue.

"No hate, no fear. Racists are not welcome here," the group said.

Pockets of agitation erupted, even at our cameras.

"So please don't put cameras in my face," said one person.

On Main Street, the group suddenly halted and called for a young woman to be released from potentially being taken into police custody. The demonstrators faced off with officers armed in riot gear.

They called for white protesters to the front, nearest to police, and African-American marchers to the back.

"No cops, no KKK, no fascist USA," one sign said.

The demonstrators ultimately pressed on. No one was arrested during the march itself.

"We want everyone's lives to matter, including black people and immigrants," said a member of the group.

Back at the Stuart Circle, the group sounded off and targeted the media.

One veteran shouted his counter viewpoint -- that the statues should stay so history isn't repeated.

"There are only three colors I see -- red, white and blue," said the veteran.

A woman refuted his stance. She says those who support the statues support racism.

"The KKK is a slave to their mentality, trying to inslave everyone else," the woman said.

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