Richmond officials make final preparations for Saturday's rally

Richmond officials make final preparations for Saturday's rally
Source: NBC12

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Richmond officials are making their final preparations for Saturday's rally at the Lee Monument.

No parking zones are already in effect, and police have placed barricades around the statue.

Richmond police made the area very secure. There are fences closing the road around the Lee Monument, and they are even in front of homes. However, some neighbors are still feeling nervous about Saturday.

"I would like other people to feel safe in my area and in my neighborhood, and I am really for diversity and inclusion," said one neighbor.

Port of the area is supposed to open up as a designated place for assembly.

Richmond police have continued to plan with other agencies to ensure everyone is safe with the rally going on. Chief Alfred Durham and Mayor Stoney have also just asked people to avoid this area.

But for those who do show up to Monument Avenue, police just wants people to protest peacefully on Saturday.

While some Richmonders are not happy that outside groups might be coming to protest, the last thing they want to see is people get hurt or for things to get out of hand.

"No violence. I hope there's a showing of love and positivity and that it vastly outnumbers the number of people out here to spread negative messages," said one Richmonder.

Some residents who live near the Lee Monument say they do not plan to go to the rally. Some are hoping to attend some of the alternative community events happening on Saturday.

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