Want to trade in your iPhone? Shop around

Want to trade in your iPhone? Shop around

(WWBT) - If you can't wait to get your hands on a new iPhone, you may be thinking of trading in your current one to help pay for it. However, the deal your carrier is offering likely doesn't come close to what you could get elsewhere.

NBC12's Rachel DePompa compared offers for iPhone 7 across a number of sites, including eBay, Craigslist, Swappa, Gazelle, and the carriers' own offers for trade-ins.

The best offers come from eBay, with a selling price ranging from about $630 to $832 for an iPhone 7 Plus, depending on condition, storage and accessories.

That's about $100 more than the going price on Craigslist. An offer on Swappa for an unlocked, mint condition 7 plus was $549.

Gazelle was offering $420 for the same phone.

All of those offers were better than the $345 AT&T was offering for that phone as a trade-in. And the trade-in offer from T Mobile for that same phone was just $323.

While the trade-in option may be easiest, you could lose several hundred dollars' worth of value that way.

It's worth your while to get several offers before you commit.

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