Richmond family mourns loss of loved one

Richmond family mourns loss of loved one

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Richmond family is mourning the loss of a loved one, and at the same time, they are worried about how to pay for his final expenses.

Desperate for answers, they reached out to 12 On Your Side and Eric Philips immediately met with the family to see how he could help.

"I can't express how much I loved my dad.  I never thought that it would be this early," said Jennifer Ward, John Curtis Spain's daughter.

"I was Daddy's little girl. I was the oldest one, and we always had this special bond," said Janet Spain, John Curtis Spain's other daughter.

Jennifer and Janet both laughed and cried as they talked to me about their father, who was only 59 years old. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer back in June.

"He tried to hide it from us. He just said that he had ulcers, and then when it got a little further on, I was like, 'Dad, you don't need chemo for ulcers.' He was like, 'Yeah, I have cancer,' " said Jennifer.

The family says he had chemo weekly and seemed to be getting stronger, getting back to regular activities.  He was looking forward to riding his motorcycle.

"He was like, 'Everything is gonna be ok. Everything is gonna be fine.'  And nothing was fine. Nothing was okay," said Jennifer.

A virus set, in and that was the final blow.

"When they gave him the antibiotic to kill the virus that gave cancer, a back door to get his kidneys and liver," said Jennifer.

His body was too weak. He died last Wednesday.

"He passed away at 11:34 p.m," said Jennifer.

"He's always been the rock, the strong man in my life. To watch somebody fade away like that, it was just horrible," said Janet.

Now the family is struggling to grant Spain's final request, to be cremated.  A cost of about $2,000.  The family just doesn't have it.

"I just wait tables, and I bartend at a local bar around here. I mean, I don't bring in much money," said Janet.

Time is ticking, and the family needs to get this taken care of so their loved one can rest in peace.

"I have this one last thing I have to do for my dad, and when I do that, it's over," said Jennifer.

If you can help this family, please get in touch with Eric on his Facebook page.

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