Richmond SPCA takes in 32 cats from Irma impacted areas

Richmond SPCA takes in 32 cats from Irma impacted areas

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Dozens of rescue animals just arrived at the Richmond SPCA.  They were in areas impacted by hurricane Irma and will need a forever home.

The animals are lucky to be here. They just came up from shelters that were impacted by Irma, and Richmond stepped up to help out.

Say 'meow' to Richmond's newest residents!  The cute factor is enough to make you start doing that strange baby talk thing we do to small animals but these 32 cats and kittens are here because they were in serious danger at their previous shelters.

"These recent hurricanes have put extra demands on no kills shelters such as our because it's important to save as many lives as we possibly can," said Robin Starr with the Richmond SPCA.

The animals were in shelters in the Atlanta area, and one group of cats was brought from Florida.  Within minutes of arrival, a veterinarian is beginning examinations.

Richmond is taking the animals in because the shelters they were at were in danger of flooding.  Also, storms like Irma will sadly displace animals who already have homes, those shelters need space to keep those pets local so they can reunite them with their families.  These babies are still waiting for their forever home.

"Cats may be especially vulnerable in these situations. They may get left outside, and they may really have a tougher time and get a little bit less focused attention," Starr said.

The recent Clear The Shelters event helped free up space for the fur balls, and the SPCA needs our help again to find loving homes for these loving pets.

"There's no situation more in that need than this one where animals really need to be moved to new safe situations and permanent loving homes from areas that have been impacted by natural disasters," said Starr.

Once the cats are all checked out by the vet and get any shots they need, they'll all be available for adoption in Richmond.

Check the Richmond SPCA's website and Facebook page for updates.

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