People need to consider flood insurance

People need to consider flood insurance

(WWBT) - Less than 20 percent percent of Harvey victims in Texas have flood insurance, and many are clueless about how they will rebuild their homes.  Skipping flood insurance is a gamble people seem willing to take.

However, a Central Virginia insurance agent says we need to change our way of thinking.

People didn't think catastrophic flooding would happen in Houston, and now that it has, Harvey is one of the most expensive natural disasters ever with property losses between $45 billion to $65 billion according to Moody's Analytics.

State Farm Agent Michael Fisher says flood insurance should be considered by homeowners and renters. He says every area is a potential flood zone.

"We're standing in a flood zone. We're just standing in a flood zone that has very little risk. There are areas right off Woodman Road that flood every time it rains, and they close the bridge down there and it happens all the time. If we got five feet of rain in that area, it would be devastating to that community," said Fisher.

Since those heartbreaking images of death and devastation Fisher says the number of calls to his office jumped from a few a month to four this week because of Texas.

"I would suggest getting a quote on flood insurance. Some people might be really surprised by how inexpensive it is and really don't know until you get a quote on it. It may be that it's a couple hundred dollars a year. Talk with an insurance agent. A lot of times, we have tools that can assess your risk for floods. We can determine what flood zone you are in. We can look at your elevations," said Fisher.

Homeowners' insurance doesn't cover flooding so without it and your property floods it can be a huge financial hardship.

"Even things as small as a creek behind your house. If that creek has the potential to fill up and leave its bans, cone into your yard and enter your dwelling. Yeah. it certainly would be worth getting a quote. It's like any other type of insurance you're buying peace of mind," said Fisher.

Flood insurance is a national program supplemented by the federal government.

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