More Bang For Your Buck: Clean eating meal prep on a budget

More Bang For Your Buck: Clean eating meal prep on a budget

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Many of us are trying to fit healthier food into our diet but find that a lot of the low carb, high fiber, organic, gluten-free products can be expensive.

Dawn Estelle Archer explains how she prepares two days worth of food for herself.

"I sit down and plan my meals maybe three to four days in advance," said Archer. "Sauteeing my vegetables first. The aminos are really, really strongly flavored with vinegar.  Organic sprinkle, the organic olive oil. This last me almost about two months and then also to coat all of my pan, instead of using olive oil or butter. An entire head of organic cabbage, two crowns of broccoli... Veggie plates for my lunch as well as for my sauteed vegetables. A lot of vinegars will filter out the mother is the root of the apple, so a lot of vinegar. They don't have it because it's not pleasant to look at, but that's actually the most nutritious part. Can't really have the wrong knife vegetables in here."

"I can probably get about four or five salads out of a container like this," said Archer. "None of this will go to waste. We're actually going to use the rest of these in our juice. An egg to two eggs in each salad.  Gonna go in with the balsamic vinegar now. The only other thing I add to the salad is avocados."

"I'm juicing cucumbers, green apples, kale and spinach and our leftover spring mix. Lemons and ginger. You want to put as many vegetables in your juice and avoid having it fruit heavy because then you're not going to be getting those sugars. I try to drink at least three juices every single day. If not three, if I can get them in. You can use the pulp for a lot of different things, smoothies, breads, or muffins. You can even throw it into cookies or pancakes," said Archer.

"Veggie plate to eat during the day. I'm using broccoli for these. Sometimes, I use cucumbers or celery. This is a dressing I use. It's Tessamae's, which is dairy free, gluten free, cage free egg and sugar-free," said Archer.

"This is everything you would eat for two days?" I asked.

"Yes and water, plenty of water. The average is $30." said Archer.

Dawn teaches her students how to grocery shop for maximum results.

I went on the last Kroger run, and I think you'll be surprised with what you'll learn about products we buy every day.

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