12 On Your Side: Woman is now receiving her mail after 2-month battle

12 On Your Side: Woman is now receiving her mail after 2-month battle

(WWBT) - No more missing mail mystery. Diane Williams turned to 12 On Your Side for help getting her mail delivered to her new home. For months, no one could figure out why she wasn't receiving mail, but now, all that has changed. It was a two-month long battle, and that was a hardship for her.

Her cable service was threatening disconnection and other creditors were hitting her with late fees. We contacted USPS and they got right on it.

Excited and relieved, Diane Williams called 12 to show us what she received in her mailbox not long after NBC12 Investigators notified the United States Postal Service of the mail delivery problem she was having despite her own efforts to resolve it.

"My nursing license came and other post office letters. These are the certified mail they sent me to check to make sure I was receiving my mail from the postal service," said Williams.

USPS launched its own investigation into what was going on with her missing mail.  Diane was sent digital pictures of what should appear in her mailbox, which was a way of tracking the delivery process.

"So many bank statements came. I had to throw some away because they sent me three months worth.  It's a relief because I know I can count on the post office to actually do their job and get people, not only me, but other people their mail," said Williams.

Williams has a theory on what happened.

"I think what happened was the postal carrier wasn't paying attention to where she placed the mail. She's placing them in other people's boxes. I got a call from doctor's office. She said, 'Ms. Williams, we got returned mail from you.' "

A long standing problem is now resolved.  Diane says glad she called NBC12.

"I feel a lot better, and I'm glad for 12 On Your Side," said Williams.

She also appreciates USPS and says they jumped into action once 12 got involved. Williams says, "That segment ran and about a week later I started getting mail. All the bank statements were coming in."

The U.S. Postal Service declined to explain what actually happened but it apologized for the inconvenience and sent an email to NBC 12 announcing the customer problem had been resolved.

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