Contractor ditches job after complaints

Contractor ditches job after complaints

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Karen Bittner lives in a Henrico home with her elderly mother who's ailing from cancer.

Now in addition to caring for her mother, she worries about their home that she says was damaged by a paint crew that left behind a sloppy half done job.

"They ruined my house,"  Bittner said.  "Now my mother has had chemo treatments for the last four years and her treatments are more a month than her social security check.  We are not rich by far, we are struggling."

It's why she got quotes from several painters before going with Yance Painting and Carpentry.  As outlined in this signed contract, she agreed to pay $3,900 to get the house painted and gave the owner Fernando Miguel an initial check for $1,600.  She says he also gave her the best timeline.

"Cause he goes one week, and then he goes well with the rain and everything -- let's say two weeks," Bittner said.

But then the work stretched out for six weeks, and she says there were days on end when the crew didn't show up forcing her to track him down.

"So I'm calling Fernando, and I'm saying, 'Where are you?' "  Bitter said.  "Are you coming back?"

When they were there, Bittner says the crew was splattering paint, ruining landscaping and worst of all damaging the siding on her home by scraping it.

"They dug into the siding where it can not be repaired," Bittner said.

"When Fernando got here Wednesday, I said, 'This is unacceptable, and he's like, 'You complain too much, I'm done.'  They took all the paint all the equipment, loading up the truck, and I begged him twice to stay and finish the job, just please finish it."

I reached out to Fernando, who did not want to go on camera, but agreed that the job was half done. He says his crew did more than enough work for the money Bittner had paid so far.  He said Bittner complained incessantly and that his workers could do no right.  He said the siding on her home was more than 50 years old and that it's going to be impacted while trying to remove the old paint.  He left the job abruptly because he worried that if they completed it she ultimately would not be happy and would refuse to pay.

Bittner says it's just not right, and she wants her money back, especially since other contractors have told her she now needs vinyl siding.

"That's $1,600 that my mother and father worked hard for and that we need to apparently buy vinyl siding that we can't afford," Bittner said.

But the contractor did not indicate he plans to do that.

"I'm afraid they may come back and do something to my house because I am not letting this go," Bittner said.  "I can't."

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